Almost Ready Meal Kits - just boil water…

Launching August 2019, these real meals are ideal for households who love great food, care about what’s in their food, but a few nights a week, need a fast solution. Simply heat sauce in fry pan, cook fresh past in a big pot of boiling water for three minutes, drain and toss into sauce, adding a big knob of butter to bring it all together. Serve with plenty of herbs and parmesan. Mamma Mia! These will please the children and adults alike.


Fresh pasta


Wholemeal Linguine

Pasta fans know that when it comes to texture, al dente is king. Our wholemeal linguine is made with a helping of unrefined wholemeal flour. This means more bite, perfect for all you al dente aficionados.


Vegan Pappardelle

No eggs here! Give our vegan pappardelle a whirl in place of spaghetti. It’s delicate enough to skilfully slurp, robust enough to hold up to a gutsy eggplant ragu.


Fresh Herb Fettuccine

A very graceful fragrant pasta with oregano, rosemary, plus a little spinach for added Popeye factor. Create your own verdant pasta plate, with fresh pesto and rocket, cracked pepper and parmigiano.


Freerange Egg Spaghetti

Who are we to mess with a classic? Our spaghetti is unpasteurised, for true freshness. A kiss of extra virgin olive oil, some freshly shaved parmigiano, cracked pepper and parsley and pasta heaven is yours. Prego!


Pasta sauces

Our sauces are made from scratch in our Auckland kitchen. We use natural ingredients and cook low and slow. They are designed for those who love great food, but maybe don’t have five hours afterwork watching a pot bring the flavours on…


Burnt Butter Bechamel

With Italian Parmesan & Pecorino Romano


Beef & Pork Sausage Bolognese

Using NZ beef, L’Authentique Toulouse sausage, chicken liver and prosciutto, this classic Italian bolognese is so hearty it can be extended easily and carry more servings.


Italian Puttanesca

With Olives, Capers & Anchovies


Italian Tomato Napoli Sauce

With Fresh Basil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil