Fresh Pasta

we make artisan pasta to please everyone. Simply match pasta, sauce and protein, making the most of what’s in season and in your fridge, for a meal that’s fast, fun and truly fresh. Join the People’s Pasta revolution: Awaken your passion for pasta!


Wholemeal Linguine

Pasta fans know that when it comes to texture, al dente is king. Our wholemeal linguine is made with a helping of unrefined wholemeal flour. This means more bite, perfect for all you al dente aficionados.


Vegan Pappardelle

No eggs here! Give our vegan pappardelle a whirl in place of spaghetti. It’s delicate enough to skilfully slurp, robust enough to hold up to a gutsy eggplant ragu.


Fresh Herb Fettuccine

A very graceful fragrant pasta with oregano, rosemary, plus a little spinach for added Popeye factor. Create your own verdant pasta plate, with fresh pesto and rocket, cracked pepper and parmigiano.


Freerange Egg Spaghetti

Who are we to mess with a classic? Our spaghetti is unpasteurised, for true freshness. A kiss of extra virgin olive oil, some freshly shaved parmigiano, cracked pepper and parsley and pasta heaven is yours. Prego!